Microsoft Visio 2016 Is Here

Microsoft’s market leading diagramming tool gets a refresh!


Microsoft has built many great, dependable and highly efficient software products over the last few decades, software products that in some cases we really can’t do without. Microsoft Visio happens to be one such product. Originally introduced in 1992 and now in it’s 14th iteration, Microsoft Visio has now become an industry leading, diagramming tool used by over 12 million professionals around the world. The launch of Visio 2016 is a continuation of the successful Visio story and most importantly a package of new and updated stencils and templates that can help you create compelling professional diagrams for the business needs. Continue reading

Understanding Visio 2013 Editions

Know Which Version Works Best  For You


Many organizations are looking to Microsoft Visio to take care of ever increasing diagramming requirements to talk to many organizational needs ranging from business work flow processes, human resource management to more technical issues which include business analysis, database and software design. Thankfully Visio 2013, Microsoft’s latest premium diagramming software comes with a large selection of stencils and and templates which  cover a wide range of needs. The tricky  part about Visio, is knowing which version works best for you. Continue reading