Using OneNote to present your ideas in meetings

Microsoft PowerPoint is a fantastic tool for creating polished presentations, but what if you just want to share some informal ideas with the other people in your meeting? Or perhaps you’re running a group brainstorming session and want everyone to be able to contribute their ideas? OneNote 2013 has several great features designed to make it easier to present and collaborate on ideas in a meeting. Let’s look at some of them!

Take notes on one screen while presenting on another

Did you know you can open multiple OneNote windows at the same time? Just open OneNote, click View, and choose New Window–or simply press Ctrl + M on your keyboard. You can even drag one window onto the projector for your meeting participants while keeping the other on your laptop for yourself.

Better yet, take advantage of the Full Page View feature to help your meeting attendees focus on your ideas without being distracted by all of OneNote’s menus and buttons–just click the double-headed arrow at the top right corner of any page in your notes. This works well with multiple OneNote windows; you can use OneNote in Full Page View on your projector, and simultaneously use another OneNote window in Normal View on your laptop so you’ll have all the editing commands available.


Figure 1: The red rectangles above show the buttons for opening an additional OneNote window and enabling Full Page View.

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