Red Hat Linux Added To Microsoft Azure

Now You Can Port Any Linux VM to Azure


Microsoft annonced recently that its  adding Red Hat Enterprise Linux to the list of Linux distributions supported natively on its Azure cloud platform. This is the  latest  addition to a growing list of Linux flavours that are supported in Azure Continue reading

Build A Mobile App Using Visual Studio 2015

Visual Studio 2015 Is Built For Mobile!

visual studio 2

Now that Visual Studio 2015 has been released to the wild, it’s important to take a good look at the features it contains. These features, not only make software development easier and faster for software developers, the features also give us an insight into how Microsoft sees the future of software development. One area of interest is most notably mobile development! Continue reading

2015 Preview : Visual Studio 2015 Preview

Game-changing software development coming up!


I’m currently running Visual Studio 2012 on my laptop, believe it or not, however I’m very excited to know that the Visual Studio 2015 Preview version is now available for user testing purposes, and will be rolled in early 2015 for general use. Among the usual bells and whistles that come with any newer version of Visual Studio, for the very first time, this newer version of Visual Studio comes with feature list of Mac and Linux targeted environments, which will surely bring a huge smile to developers who would like to build .NET applications for their Linux based environments. This release again also comes hot on the heels of a recent announcement that Microsoft has now open-sourced the .NET Framework. Here is a brief feature list to watch out for in Visual Studio 2015. Continue reading