Auto-Text in MS Office

Auto-Text can help you perform tasks quicker

Use the Auto-Text feature to help you enter long, often used words.  This will allow you to use abbreviations instead of having to type out the full words.

1. Click on the Office Button.
2. Click on the Auto Text button
3. Select the AutoCorrect tab in the Autocorrect dialog box that will be displayed
4. Type the abbreviation you want to use in the text box on the left and the full word/sentence on the right.
5. Click on Add
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for any other entries you want to use.
7. Click on OK when finished
8. Now when you need a long word or sentence, just type the abbreviation you created and press the spacebar or enter and the abbreviation will be replaced by the long word or sentence.

Blog Post by Thomas