Microsoft Certifications for IT Pros

MCSA Cloud Platform

MCSA – Cloud Platform

Earning an MCSA: Cloud Platform provides the foundation for a position as a cloud administrator or architect and is the first step on your path to becoming a MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure.
Pass any 2 of the following exams: 70-532  |  70-533  |  70-534  |  70-473  |  70-475


Azure Development

Course 20532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
Start Anytime  |  90 days  |    Exam 70-532   |   Level 300
Course Outline  |  More info on Cloud Courses

Azure Infrastructure

Course 20533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
Start Anytime  |  90 days  |   Exam 70-533   |   Level 300
Course Outline  |  More info on Cloud Courses  

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U.S. Department of Defense to upgrade 4 million devices to Windows 10

Another Thumbs Up For Windows 10!


The U.S. Department of Defense is committing to upgrade roughly four million devices and systems running legacy versions of Windows to Windows 10 by February 2017. This is a big vote of confidence for Windows 10, however what’s more interesting is how the U.S DoD came to take this bold decision! Continue reading

7 Windows 10 tips for Small Businesses

Know All The Details Before Making The Leap


So you have made the decision to upgrade all the PCs in your business to Windows 10 so that you can stay ahead of the technology curve? Perhaps you want to start with your own PC before rolling out Windows 10 to the rest of the company, well, there are a few things to note before you take the plunge. Continue reading

Microsoft Drops Support For Windows 8

The Push For Windows 10 Continues!


Today, Microsoft is ending support for Windows 8, as well as older versions of its Internet Explorer web browser, IE 8, IE 9, and IE 10. For end users, that doesn’t mean the software instantly becomes non-functional, but that it will longer be updated with bug fixes or other security patches. Continue reading

S.A Microsoft Online Store Launched

Original Microsoft Products Now A Click Away


Microsoft . has launched its official online store in South Africa, enabling South African customers to purchase any product from the company’s ecosystem of devices through the local Microsoft online store, Continue reading

Windows 7 still most used operating system

Millions of users yet to upgrade to Windows 10


An interesting set of stats released by NetMarketShare, a leading U.S based operating system and browser usage tracker,  shows that Windows 10 adoption growth has somewhat slowed recently as opposed to expected adoption rates. Such operating system usage information is valuable  for any individual, company or organization that provides I.T client services that are to some extent dependent on a user’s computer operating system. This partly explains why for example, IT training institutions like us at LGIT, still offer training services on older products like Microsoft Office 2010, yet Office 2016 is now already available. Continue reading

Windows 10 MCSD Certification Launched

The future of windows app development is here

The launch of Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10, might seem at face value, just a release of yet another operating system by the software giant. The launch of the Windows 10 operating system actually marks yet another leap by Microsoft to solidify the Universal App platform that allows you to build native apps for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. These same apps can also be consumed on  Windows Phone mobile platform. To this end Microsoft has released an MCSD Developer certification to accompany this commitment. Continue reading

Windows 10 Phone Launched : Lumia 950XL

Game-changing smartphone launched

Now, I must admit that this is my blog post centered on a Microsoft smartphone product and I also need to disclose that up to now have not been the biggest Nokia Microsoft Lumia smartphone products fan. However after coming across this phone . . .I’m totally blown away! Continue reading