Mind the Gap!

Instead of a “Gap Year”, attend our “Mind the Gap” programme and get clear on what you want to do with your life.

Matriculants from all over South Africa will receive their results on 5th January 2018. Today the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) has reported a 98.76% matric pass rate for 2017. Yet the unemployment of the youth in South Africa is an endemic problem despite the improving matriculation rate.

Today the decision on what to do after matric seems like an overwhelming decision for many matriculants.

At LGIT Smart Solutions our “Mind the Gap” programme is aimed to help young adults get clear on their purpose, ensure that their career / study choice is aligned with their values, and gain workplace readiness skills.

For programme details or to register online go to www.lgit.joburg/gap.



S.A Government Beats Path To Microsoft Again


It’s quite amazing, how a lot of things can change in 5 years. It’s even more amazing when a government policy over 5 years about, gets reversed in dramatic fashion. I should know as my career in ICT took a dramatic turn in 2012 when Government announced a sweeping policy to ditch Microsoft technology and rather embrace open source technology. That policy has now been reviewed and re-visited, leading to unbelievable results! Continue reading

Self Improvement Lessons From Product Development


Product development methodologies have evolved over the past few decades from the old days of ‘waterfall’ to now cutting-edge ‘agile’ methodologies. Religious use of such methodologies has resulted in development of some of the world’s best software products. What if we could apply such lessons to self improvement?

Continue reading

Happy Birthday Bill Gates!


Today Microsoft founder turned Philanthropist and Public Health Activist Bill Gates, turned 61! Congratulatory messages came in from all around world and all walks of life containing best wishes for one of the most celebrated man on the planet, a man who through Microsoft and his philanthropy work has touched the lives of millions of people around the work. Here are a few surprising facts about Bill Gates: Continue reading

Why South African Universities Should Go Virtual

South Africa’s higher education system is burning, technology could be the solution!


The South African higher education system in 2016 has experienced an assault of epic proportions, which has literally “split” the nation along several lines, if you will. The jury is still out on how the government will and should solve the problem, however the people at the losing end in all this are the students themselves. Universities find themselves stuck in the middle, in an ideological battle between students and the government. Universities in such a situation, cannot do much, until the warring parties reach an agreement. However, what if, universities possessed a powerful weapon that would guarantee learning to continue, for interested and committed students (who are clearly the majority), while conflict resolution mechanisms continue? I think technology can provide the answer! Continue reading



Microsoft exam season is well underway. The stakes are high and the glory that awaits is equally amazing too. The exam season this year in particular has been quite devastating, with few passes recorded. Perhaps the winning formula lies in understand how the exam is prepared. Here’s is how its done! Continue reading