Microsoft Developer Certifications

Get your Microsoft Developer Certification in 2017!

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There have been a few changes to the Microsoft Developer Certifications.  A brand new MCSA Web Apps certification and a MCSD App Builder.

Many developers cannot be out of the office for classroom training.  Some might find self-paced virtual learning more suited to their schedule and personality.  Whatever your reason, LGIT can offer most Microsoft certification courses online.  You’ll get 3 months to complete each course, at your own pace, anywhere on the planet (as long as you have a reasonable internet connection).

Lets look at the Dev Certs:

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Mobile App Development : The Basics


We are in a mobile-first, cloud first era, as famously declared by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. It is therefore critical for every organization to have a mobile app development strategy. When developing your mobile app there are several methods you can use. These methods include native, web apps, and cross-platform development. Careful planning is required to follow the right path. Continue reading

Free e-book : Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Get A head-start in building Universal Windows Store Apps


The Windows Phone, with a current global market share of 2% compared to Android’s 82% is set for a massive take-off  in 2016 and beyond on the back of the successful release of the Windows 10 with over 60 million downloads so far around the world. This sets the stage for a lucrative market waiting to be tapped by apps as Windows 8 and Windows 10 are designed to be powered by apps as opposed to traditional software applications. So now is the time to build a Windows Store App! Continue reading

Windows 10 MCSD Certification Launched

The future of windows app development is here

The launch of Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10, might seem at face value, just a release of yet another operating system by the software giant. The launch of the Windows 10 operating system actually marks yet another leap by Microsoft to solidify the Universal App platform that allows you to build native apps for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. These same apps can also be consumed on  Windows Phone mobile platform. To this end Microsoft has released an MCSD Developer certification to accompany this commitment. Continue reading

The Age of Evergreen Web Browsers

Less Worry About Cross Browser Support!


The toughest question a developer always has to face during and after developing a website is “Does it work in all the browsers?”. More often than not most websites are built with a few hacks to make them work in all the browsers, especially the big four and in some cases, it’s important to mention on the website that older browsers are not supported. In the near future (which has already started now), this will no longer be an issue because of the rise of evergreen web browsers! Continue reading

How To Become A Microsoft Certified Developer

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Become Microsoft Certified


After finishing running a week-long MVC training course (Course 20486B), I had an interesting “good-bye” discussion with the delegates about what their plans are pertaining to actually sitting for the Microsoft exam and booking for the next training. The responses I got were very interesting! Continue reading

The Top 5 Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks

Plenty of Options Available, The Choice Is Yours


Lately in my line of work, which is training and software development using the latest technologies, HTML5, CSS3, MVC, C# and SQL Server, I keep on noticing a keen interest by the delegates on mobile app development, especially around what tools are available out there that target mobile app development. This persistent interest simply tells me that now we are living in the age of the mobile app! Continue reading