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Sql Server 2016 Certifications Announced


Hot on the heels of the release of the latest version of Microsoft’s flagship database software  SQL Server, Microsoft has  announced upgraded certification exams that will validate you competency and skills in providing world class solutions using SQL Server 2016 Continue reading

Microsoft SQL Server Available on 1 June 2016


Microsoft SQL Server 2016, the latest version of Micrsoft’s flagship database technology will be generally available worldwide on 1 June 2016. That June 1 date is when the product will be available to all users, including brand new ones, MSDN subscribers, and existing customers, officials said. The details are as follows: Continue reading

Data Science : South Africa Leads The Way


The 2015 O’rielly Data Science survey is out and it contains some interesting findings. The survey explores patterns in tools, tasks and compensation patterns for recognized Data Scientists around the world. Over 600 respondents from a variety of industries completed the survey, two-thirds of whom are based in the United States.  1% of the respondents came from Africa, and all the African respondents came from South Africa! Continue reading

SQL Server 2005 Support Ends Today

Its Time To Upgrade!


As announced by Microsoft, support for SQL Server 2005 ends today. This means that Microsoft is no longer releasing any security updates, hotfixes and patches for SQL Server 2005. For organizations this means that when support is stopped it becomes increasingly risky to keep storing important mission critical data on an unsupported platform. Hence its time to upgrade to SQL Server 2014 and here are a few reasons to do so. Continue reading

SQL Server Comes To Linux

Major Development For Sql Server


In 2016, the golden age of technology moves on at an ever faster pace. The developments we are seeing today were merely a pipe dream  and inconceivable, just a few years go. One such development is Microsoft’s flagship database software SQL Server coming to Linux. This development is about to change the way enterprise decision-makers view SQL Server and its place (or absense thereof) in their organizations around the world. Continue reading

Cloud Competency for Microsoft Partners

Need Cloud Competency for your Microsoft Partner Network Membership?


4 Cloud Partner Competencies:

  1. Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions: for partners selling Microsoft Office 365 to small and Midmarket customers
  2. Cloud Productivity: for partners deploying Microsoft Office 365 for enterprise customers
  3. Cloud Platform: for partners who specialise in delivering infrastructure and SaaS solutions on Microsoft Azure
  4. Cloud Customer Relationship Management: for partners driving deployments of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online


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Free eBook : Microsoft Azure Essentials : Fundamentals of Azure

A Great Introduction to Microsoft’s Leading Cloud Platform


The phrase “in the cloud” is now part of everyday language, and most people have a pretty good idea what “the cloud” is all about, but do you really know what it means? Microsoft Press has released a free ebook that can give you a head start into the fundamentals of cloud computing, and specifically how Microsoft’s cloud offering Azure really works. Continue reading

SQL SERVER : Understanding Date & Time Data Types

Time_PiecesI’m reminded of an old bible phrase which loosely translated says, “How shall they know, unless somebody teaches them . . .”. You see, one sure concept that does not come naturally in SQL Server Database Management is the skill to manage date and time data values. Even after years of SQL database management once still needs to refresh themselves time and time again in order to to meet the tricky requirements that date and time data management pauses. Continue reading