Top 10 Details To Exclude From Your CV


For many people, the start of the new year is an indication for a career change. As such, brushing up on one’s CV is essential in ensuring that it contains the right information. In an age of increased cyber security awareness, CVs are now predominantly submitted online, it’s important that you double check what information you are including in your CV. Here are following 10 pieces of information that must stay out of your CV. Continue reading

7 Sales Mistakes That Can Make You Look Unprofessional

Happy and sad face.

We are all in the sales business . Employees are constantly ‘latently’ selling their value and worth to their employers through the services that they render. Sales and marketing persons make a profession of their ability to sell products and services. Millions of clients around the world experience bad sales transactions on a daily basis. Here are the 7 bad sales habits that top the list.

Continue reading

S.A Government Beats Path To Microsoft Again


It’s quite amazing, how a lot of things can change in 5 years. It’s even more amazing when a government policy over 5 years about, gets reversed in dramatic fashion. I should know as my career in ICT took a dramatic turn in 2012 when Government announced a sweeping policy to ditch Microsoft technology and rather embrace open source technology. That policy has now been reviewed and re-visited, leading to unbelievable results! Continue reading

How Millenials Are Changing The Workplace


I recently delivered an on-site training course at one of the top I.T companies in South Africa. I didn’t have much expectation about the class I was going to train. I had been hinted though that I was going to be training university graduations, however in my mind I thought I would be dealing with a typical geeky bunch . . .so I had my “geeky guns” on the ready. I threw out all my well manicured training plan on Day 1 of the 3 day training workshop when I realized that I had a group of highly sophisticated “millenials” on my hands. Continue reading

3 Tips For Successful Social Selling


In a world whose tempo is driven by social media, the question of many business leaders and decision-makers in many organizations is how to successfully sell their products online via social media. If not done right, social media can be a big black financial hole that can gobble huge advertising budgets and yet offer little return. Here are 3 tips to help you successfully sell online. Continue reading