How To Future-Proof Your Skills

The tech industry is constantly changing. Data science for example was barely recognizable on the radar a few years ago, and today it’s only getting bigger. What do you need to learn, and what jobs should you prepare for? Aiming for a moving target is tricky business, but it’s totally doable. Continue reading

Top 10 Details To Exclude From Your CV


For many people, the start of the new year is an indication for a career change. As such, brushing up on one’s CV is essential in ensuring that it contains the right information. In an age of increased cyber security awareness, CVs are now predominantly submitted online, it’s important that you double check what information you are including in your CV. Here are following 10 pieces of information that must stay out of your CV. Continue reading

7 Sales Mistakes That Can Make You Look Unprofessional

Happy and sad face.

We are all in the sales business . Employees are constantly ‘latently’ selling their value and worth to their employers through the services that they render. Sales and marketing persons make a profession of their ability to sell products and services. Millions of clients around the world experience bad sales transactions on a daily basis. Here are the 7 bad sales habits that top the list.

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Develop New Work Habits In 2017 with Microsoft MyAnalytics


To those who are celebrating, Merry Christmas everyone!  While its a time of celebration for many people, this season is mostly a time of rest, reflection and planning for a better year that’s coming ahead. A sure way to have a better year, come 2017 is to develop better habits and painstakingly get rid of negative habits. The guys at Microsoft have developed an app for that!
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