Want to learn how to excel at Microsoft Excel?

3-hour interactive workshops


Attend our new 3-hour interactive workshops each month:

  • Learn to work with tools that are job specific
  • Save costs
  • Spend less time out of office in great learning environment
  • Work with an Excel Master with real world experience

Choose a workshop

Workshop 1: Streamline your data

  • Learn how to keep a cell constant when copying and pasting formulas, with absolute cell address
  • Moving between sheets, copying large ranges of information and many formulas made easier with range names
  • Learn to condense and expand your information at the click of a button
  • Learn how to create 720 formulas in 2 minutes when working with huge amounts of data that require sub-totals per section

Workshop 2: Filtering with an edge

  • Learn to create own criteria for filtering purposes, which cannot be done through normal filtering
  • Learn how to remove duplicates when importing external data
  • Learn how to copy relevant visible data and not hidden data

Workshop 3: Formula Fundi

  • Reduce human errors and get Excel to extract only the data you need in a simple way (without manually searching and copy and pasting…)
  • Manipulate formulas to give you a specific answer

Workshop 4: Powerful Pivots

  • Summarise huge amounts of data and analyse your business at the click of a button
  • Learn how to create business intelligence in charts and table format
  • Great way to summarise, analyse, explore and present your data

Workshop 5: Amazing Macros

  • Learn how to automate doing the same thing over and over with a Macro and save hours of time
  • Let Solver give you a solution when there are many constraints

Book now and let us help you summarise, analyse, explore and present your data from different angles

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