Reclaiming your whole intelligence may be the smartest thing you, and your business ever do.


The contemporary business environment is a place of constant changes, with diverse personalities and points of view each striving to establish some kind of dominance in a continuously competitive space.  

It’s a pressure cooker of stress, under which the ever urgent demand to deliver best practice and service is to perform, consistently. It’s a highly complex and ambiguous setting, one in which, we spend more and more of our time, with less and less distinction between career and life.  

We are accelerating into a life/work future with more uncertainty than ever before.  

All recent technological advancements point to a future of even greater reliance on IT, and with it, an even deeper trust placed in algorithms as solutions. How long will it be before every single experience we take, is managed through an IT solution? 

The Cloud and AI are here, and everyday we each relinquish more data about our behaviours, and ourselves, increasing our overall dependency on the voice and word of IT.  

Waze is but one example, where we blindly follow without question, instructed by a powerful invisible all knowing guide. Nothing wrong with this, it’s extremely useful, and to a great extent reduces anxieties and stress. However, we are also relinquishing another little part of ourselves each time, handing our lives over, to an all-knowing algorithm.   

There isn’t a single industry, world wide, that won’t bleed huge numbers of employees as more and more smart application arrive overnight, causing thousands of human beings to become irrelevant in a blink, and with that irrelevance, redundant.        

There is no doubt we are heading into a smarter future, it could be a brighter one as well, but it also has the potential to be a far harsher one. 

Time for some serious Darwinism – the evolution of our species has never been more urgent. Clearly we have to raise our own intelligence if we wish to remain competitive. As Darwin confirmed, the species that learn to adapt to the harsher environments they find themselves in, are the species that survive, everything else simply falls away. 

The good news is we can, and the reason we can is we all have access to a remarkable gift, we are all born genius.  

That is to say we all begin life with the full spectrum of intelligence – analytical, operational, emotional and creative.  

Yet, as our early journey through life unfolds, we begin to adjust and conform to societal structures, expectations and norms. With our education these adjustments and conformities ultimately produce a ‘shaped’ and different thinking mind, to the one we started with.  

Often with disadvantages, certainly with limitations, which are not entirely clear or evident to us, because we can’t see what we no longer have.  

Our unbalanced favouritism toward analytical and operational intelligence, leads to the underdevelopment of the whole.

Consequently, many of us transition out of our ‘environmental shaping’ usually in our late adolescence, with a reduced range of intelligence, the consequences of which are, less access to creative thinking and a limited ability for emotional growth.  

Frustratingly, the absence of these critical tools is most often not conscious, meaning, we are not even aware they are missing and as such we function accordingly.  

Which explains the difficulties most of us experience as we transition into adulthood, and the countless blunders and awful mistakes that many of us make along the way. 

In our wisdom we appear to have placed emotional intelligence and creativity at a secondary level, considering it unimportant to some extent. Placing most of our development emphasis on goals and results, a fixation that has brought us to our present reality.  

Let’s be fair about that, a great deal of that focus and emphasis has led to great development and growth, but it too, has come at a cost. A cost we are beginning to see the consequences of.  

Global warming is simply a result of greed, and the fixed idea that there are endless resources up for plunder, and no side affects to that plundering. A seriously limited view devoid of the creative vision for what we are doing and the absence of social collaborations and empathy for our surroundings (read emotional intelligence)  

Or the concept that somehow a tiny percentage of the population can own ninety percent of everything, is also unsustainable, unbalanced and will ultimately lead to an enormous backlash of some kind. Another seriously flawed position born from an absence of vision for alternative approaches, and the inability to consider the other person (again read emotional intelligence).  

There are many other side affects to our emphasis on goals and results, spend a moment and consider them. 

It now transpires that the very stuff we need as we enter the next phase of the great human experiment – survival of our species, is the fuzzy stuff that we have previously devalued.  

Despite all our magnificent achievements as a species, we have unwittingly limited our whole intellectual potential. 

Around the world as leading business seek human capital, right at the top of the skills criteria required are, creative thinking abilities, and the resilience to work with diverse colleagues, under higher and higher levels of pressure (see emotional intelligence). 

As businesses and individuals that wish to remain relevant come face to face with this glaring reality, they reach out to business schools and business coaches to help them acquire these soft skills that previously had little, if any value at all. 

Of course, because they offered such little value, very few people can speak honestly to there value and at the same time help others on how to recover and develop the skills required.  

LGIT is fortunate to be able to provide an answer to those business and individuals who agree with the above and seek the changes required.

The Genius Programme is a practical programme that helps individuals identify those voices of judgment that have captured their thinking, that have created unproductive thinking habits and limited worldviews.  

The programme demonstrates how to let go of the old and negative fixed thinking habits at the same time introducing liberating tools that rebirth the intuitive and creative thinking within and enlivening our emotional understanding.  

The Genius Programme provides everyday practical exercises that will help re-establish a full connection to our whole intelligence, reigniting the genius within.  

So if you recognise some of the challenges presented above, and would like to know more or wish to attend this programme, kindly contact us: or click here for further insight on our programme.

 It may prove to be the smartest thing you and your business ever do.

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