Microsoft CEO reveals the future of technology

The 2017 Microsoft Build conference held this week in Seattle, is arguably the most important yet for Microsoft and for the rest of the global technology industry. The conference, targeting software developers, paints an accurate picture of the latest tech trends and a clear indication of the path that technology is going. The keynote by Microsoft Chief, Satya Nadella was a highlight of the event.

Unprecedented Opportunity

Satya acknowledged and pointed out that Software Developers are the center of the revolution and disruption that’s transforming industries around the world, in a “mobile first, cloud first” world. All across the world right now, Software Developers are in high demand and are helping companies to migrate to software based platforms. He went on further to point out that with such great power, comes great responsibility.

The Dystopian Threat

The Microsoft Chief, went on further to explain that with the great power that developers around the world now wield, they need to be concious of the impact of their decisions and actions.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for example are two powerful technologies that can make millions of jobs redundant in a very short space of time. Such an impact is already being seen in banking. The responsibility is upon developers to build technologies that empower people to do more. . . .not to replace them!

The Rise of The Edge

Its now official, cloud computing is now virtually “old technology”. The future, as Satya Nadella put it, will be led by serverless computing that will be driven by powerful edge devices with the best example being self-driving cars.

Connected devices are expected to include things like household appliances which include fridges and stoves as computation power moves to everyday devices that you and I use.

These devices will form the next set of billions of devices that will be connected to the web in the near future.


Techonology is rapidly changing at a pace that even tech professionals are struggling to keep up with. It is therefore crucial to keep abreast of the changes and to continue to acquire new skills along the way!

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