How To Future-Proof Your Skills

The tech industry is constantly changing. Data science for example was barely recognizable on the radar a few years ago, and today it’s only getting bigger. What do you need to learn, and what jobs should you prepare for? Aiming for a moving target is tricky business, but it’s totally doable.

Always be learning 

Make goals for yourself. Ask yourself, “Where do I want to be in 2-3 years?” There are plenty of networking events, webinars, and classes to help you out. Make use of free resources online, like Microsoft Virtual Academy, Microsoft Press eBooks, or massive open online courses (MOOCs) that are available on You can also dig into the community on tech forums like Stack Overflow, Medium, or the MVA Forum.

Cross-train in your studies

In an ever-evolving job market, it’s hard to predict where to invest your energy, so diversify your training efforts. This gives you the advantage of versatility. For example, if you’re studying database management, you can supplement your training with data science to prepare yourself for a range of possible on-the-job needs. This also gets you ready to adapt when the industry inevitably shifts.

Look for opportunities to stand out

Becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional for example highlights your resume, but also gives you hands-on experiences to prepare you for real-world scenarios. If you are Microsoft certified and haven’t already, share your Microsoft certification badges on LinkedIn and Facebook. Not only does that look good on your resume, “That pushes you,” to achieve more

Maybe, start a blog

The best way to learn something is to try and teach it to someone else.  When you start blogging the new material you’re learning, you have to teach yourself the fundamentals of that task to write that article. In the process, it gets your name out there, showing the industry that you’re active and motivated.

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