Top10 Programming Languages For 2017


As Perl, Delphi and R join the Top 10 list and Visual Basic .NET slipping down the rankings, the world of programming continues undergoing transformation in 2017.

The Tiobe Index and PYPL Index two global standards that track the popularity of programming languages around the world. The raw data that makes up the PYPL index is sourced from Google Trends, which the Tiobe data is based data compiled from a  number of skilled engineers worldwide, courses, and third-party vendors.

The latest rankings show that languages which showed growth in both indexes included JavaScript and the R language which Visual Basic.NET, C and C++ fell down the rankings. Java, C#, PHP, Javascript and Python remain the key programming technologies due to their stability and dominant market share.

The top 10 ranking from each index is shown in the table below.

Top Programming Languages – February 2017
Tiobe Ranking Change YoY PYPL Ranking Change YoY
Java -4.47% Java -1.30%
C -7.15% Python +2.80%
C++ -1.48% PHP -1.20%
C# +0.50% C# -0.30%
Python -0.14% JavaScript +0.40%
PHP +0.30% C -0.20%
JavaScript +0.67% C++ -0.60%
Visual Basic .NET +0.37% Objective-C -0.60%
Delphi/Object Pascal +0.32% R +0.40%
Perl -0.08% Swift +0.10%

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