Top 10 Details To Exclude From Your CV


For many people, the start of the new year is an indication for a career change. As such, brushing up on one’s CV is essential in ensuring that it contains the right information. In an age of increased cyber security awareness, CVs are now predominantly submitted online, it’s important that you double check what information you are including in your CV. Here are following 10 pieces of information that must stay out of your CV.

It is easy to think that you have to hand over all kinds of personal information in your CV or in the process of applying for a job. Be very careful. There are scammers who publish fake job ads in order to take advantage of job-seekers

Your CV’s job is to get you an interview — period. Do not give employers (either fake ones or real ones) personal information they don’t need, especially not so early in the relationship!

Here are 10 things never, ever to include on your resume.

1. Your personal ID number

2. Your driver’s license number.

3. Your past or current salary.

4. Praising adjectives like “savvy,” “smart” or “a highly strategic leader.”

5. Any information that is confidential to an ex-employer.

6. Your height, weight, race, religion, ethnicity, marital or parental status, political affiliation, hair color or eye color.

7. The names and contact details for your professional references.

8. Your banking information or any financial information.

9. Detailed pass marks of your final year degree exam or tertiary certificate. Just mentioning that you passed, is good enough

10. Your photograph.

Your achievements, through your work experience and education should speak for itself. If an employer is impressed by what you have achieved, they will be very eager to learn more about you, by way of inviting you for an interview. So take a hard look at your CV and make sure it has just enough information to land you the interview!

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