7 Sales Mistakes That Can Make You Look Unprofessional

Happy and sad face.

We are all in the sales business . Employees are constantly ‘latently’ selling their value and worth to their employers through the services that they render. Sales and marketing persons make a profession of their ability to sell products and services. Millions of clients around the world experience bad sales transactions on a daily basis. Here are the 7 bad sales habits that top the list.

1. Lack of product knowledge

There’s nothing worse than being caught off guard when someone asks you about something you’re supposed to know about–especially when you’re attempting to convince the other person to purchase it. Read up on what you’re selling before you make any sales call, so that you can answer all but the most personal of questions.

2. Talking more than you listen

While it’s important to market what you want to give your buyer, not listening–or responding–to his or her questions and concerns is a huge turn-off for any potential buyer. Make sure to pay attention to what your customer says–selling is a two-way street.

3. Inability to turn product features into benefits

The main obstacle people have when grappling with whether or not to purchase something is how the product will benefit them. Selling the product’s features as potential future benefits is something that will persuade them to buy.

4. Divulging the price too early

Withholding a final price makes you appear less pushy and more empathetic to the customer’s needs. Hold onto the price until you have a firmer grasp on the situation and the potential outcome.

5. Not customizing the presentation

Nothing ticks off potential buyers more than receiving a canned presentation for a product that has nothing to do with their own unique needs. Making the buyer into just another person to sell to reeks of unprofessionalism.

6. Lack of eloquence or articulation

Even though it’s not necessary to be the best speaker or writer who ever lived, it’s definitely important to demonstrate good speech and impeccable grammar and spelling in your dealings with customers. Otherwise, you’ll give the impression that you don’t care much about the product you’re selling–and if you don’t, why should anyone else?

7. Leading a sales call with your product instead of your customer

Although you’re selling a product or service, it’s really the buyer that ultimately matters at the end of the day. Begin every sales call with an understanding of your buyer’s attitude and inclinations, not what you’re trying to get them to buy.

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