Microsoft Intune For Education Launched


Microsoft has announced Intune for Education, a new tier of its existing enterprise application and device management service that’s specifically meant for shared learning environments.

With Intune for Education, admin and teachers can more easily manage the PCs they use in their schools and classrooms — something that’s especially important because in many schools, teachers have to serve as their own tech support. While it’s easy to forget that Microsoft has its own app store for Windows, Intune for Education will allow admins to decide which apps from the Windows Store students and teacher will be able to see and install.  All of this is, of course, integrated with Office 365 for Education, which features all the classic Microsoft productivity tools, as well as its sleeper hit OneNote.

To manage just a few devices, admins or teachers can automatically enroll in Intune for Education by logging in with an Office 365 Education email account. When there are many devices to set up, they can use the Set up School PCs app to set up any number of Windows 10 devices.  The first time a teacher or student logs in to the new device, it is customized for their unique needs.

Easy application deployment

Intune for Education makes it easy to assign and deploy any combination of web apps or education apps from the Windows Store for Business.  Once apps are customized, they are available to users at their next login and follow them to any device, so students and teachers always see the apps they are supposed to see, and no apps they shouldn’t.

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