Office 365 Admins Get Free Azure AD Access


The marriage between Office 365 and Azure continues

One of the ways that Microsoft is now providing extra value to its customers is by giving Office 365 subscribers a free Azure AD subscription. Through this feature Office 365 admins can now use Azure AD to create and manage user accounts.

While its is a known fact that many apps available in Office 365 are powered by Azure. However until now, there was no direct way to configure such features directly in Azure. This new feature by Microsoft isn’t just limited to Office 365 subscribers. Microsoft is also providing free access to Azure AD to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscribers, and to subscribers of Enterprise Mobility Suite.

The second thing that you need to know about this offer is that it is only valid to those who have a paid subscription. That particular restriction shouldn’t impact most Office 365 subscribers, but if your organization does happen to be accessing Office 365 through a trial subscription or through a complimentary subscription, then you won’t be able to get free access to Azure AD.

A third limitation that you must be aware of is that Microsoft is only providing free access to Azure AD. Other Azure services such as databases or virtual machines are not included in the free subscription offer. The only thing that Office 365 subscribers can get for free is Azure Active Directory.

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