Sofware Development : Most In Demand Skill Right Now


CareerJunction, a leading South African job placement website has released its December 2016 CareerJunction Index (CJI) report, which shows that software development remains the most sought-after skill in South Africa.

It’s important to unpack this issue though, especially for people who are considering a career switch from a non ICT background, or perhaps for those still on their educational journey hoping to join the jobs market soon. The first thing to note is that there are different types of Software Development, and the skills set required to become an expert in any of these streams varies. In some cases there are overlaps. The most popular (and most well-paying) types  of Software Development are:

  1. Web Development
  2. Mobile App Development
  3. Database Development / Data Science
  4. Cloud Computing Development
  5. Embedded Systems Development / IoT Development

I will delve down into the intricacies of each of these types of Software Development in another post, however at this point its suffice to know that you need to be clear of what type of Software Development you want to pursue and learn more about that field.

Software development remains the most sought-after skill on CareerJunction and other job portals, where over 25,000 jobs are posted monthly.

During December 2016, over 25% of job postings were allocated to IT professionals – with C# and .Net skills at the forefront of market demand. The top programming languages which dominate the Software Development industry remain C#, Java, Python, and PHP. Before one can consider specializing in any of the programming languages mentioned  earlier, one must have a good command in Javascript, CSS and HTML.

The number of job postings in ICT is expected to continue rising in 2017, with Software Development leading the way. As Microsoft’s Chief Satya Nadella once said, “Every company on earth shall soon become a software company”, its strategic for one to have a good array of ICT skills as they will always come in handy.

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