Microsoft StaffHub Comes To Office365


StaffHub, the latest Office 365 app, which Microsoft made available as a public preview last September, is for managers who need to develop, update, and manage shift schedules for their “deskless worker” team members. Employees can access and interact with this information from StaffHub mobile apps on their iOS and Android devices (as well as from a web version of the app).

StaffHub is available today, Jan. 12, for Office 365 customers with K1, E1, E3 or E5 plans. Team managers can sign in at, and employees can download the free app on iOS or Android. Each team member and manager using StaffHub needs to have an Office 365 account.

As Microsoft notes in its Frequently Asked Questions section of its blog post about the new app, “Microsoft StaffHub is on by default, and IT admins can turn it off for their organization at any time by going to and setting Enable Microsoft StaffHub to Off.”

To learn more about StaffHub, go to

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