5 Strategic Computer Skills To Have In 2017


The miracle that technology has provided us, is the ability to obtain work through employment, and/or  to also create opportunities for yourself through building products and services for a ready client base. Whichever side of the divide you are, the following 5 skills are guaranteed to keep you busy in 2017.

1. Image Editing And Graphic Design

Graphic design is the creation of graphics and visuals that help enhance a product, which helps make it come to life. People may be more inclined to hire someone with professional Graphic Designing skills, making them an invaluable asset within the organization. There is no shortage of part-time work for Graphic Designers especially in meeting the demand of designing corporate identity digital and printed assets for small to medium business enterprises.

2. Website Design

Anyone works on graphic and image design may also want to take things a step further by acquiring Web Designing skills. Millions of brand new websites go online everyday, all of them needing the specialist skills of a Website Designer to put together the layout of the website. With the emergenc of HTML5 and CSS3 technologies, Website Design is now a highly skilled profession especially in building responsive websites and universal websites and apps which work beautifully both on desktop PCs and on smartphones.

3. Website Coding / Programming

Without code, an app or website would not be able to function properly, even if great graphics were developed. In a world where businesses both small and large can no longer function efficiently without a good toolset of specialist software, the demand for Programmers / Website Coders has never been greater. One could take on a career as a Software Developer or could add programming skills to their existing I.T skills set. As to which Progamming Language to focus on. This top 10 list can be a good starting point to help you choose, however HTML and Javascript always provides a good foundation for any Programmer.

4. Online Marketing

Online Marketing refers to the strategies used by businesses to promote themselves in an online environment. This includes websites and social media. Learning these skills provides a valuable opportunity for techies, because it means that not only can you create the content, but you can help distribute it as well. Google’s Online Marketing Challenge may be one avenue that people want to start from, especially since successful learners have a chance to win prizes from Google. Learners start with a $250 AdWords budget to use over three weeks in which they run a campaign for a not-for-profit.

5. App Development

While it is important to have a web presence, it is now just as important to make sure that any business also adapts to mobile. This is where developing mobile apps come in. App developers adapt current online technologies and make them convenient for someone to view them on a cell phone or tablet. App Development is currently one of the highest paying disciplines in I.T especially if targeted for leading platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


The opportunities that technology provides in this day and age are many. Those who expose themselves to an array of specialist disciplines in technology and build specialist skills in them, will win. A Graphic Designer can be a Website Designer too. The question is how many skills are you willing to acquire?

At LGIT Smart Solutions, our mission is to equip you with the skills that you need to use technology to your advantage in any business field you may be. Discover the training, certifications and courses we are offering in 2017, by visiting our website www.lgit.co.za

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