Develop New Work Habits In 2017 with Microsoft MyAnalytics


To those who are celebrating, Merry Christmas everyone!  While its a time of celebration for many people, this season is mostly a time of rest, reflection and planning for a better year that’s coming ahead. A sure way to have a better year, come 2017 is to develop better habits and painstakingly get rid of negative habits. The guys at Microsoft have developed an app for that!

The Office 365 Team at Microsoft recently launched Microsoft MyAnalytics, formerly known as Delve Analytics. MyAnalytics helps you focus on what matters most by providing personalized insights about how you spend your time at work . . .talk about self management.

In addition to the capabilities that had been available in Delve Analytics, MyAnalytics will allow you to stay up-to-date with important contacts, share key metrics with a coach and help you prioritize the time you spend with different groups. There is a plethora of project management tools available online, however there is a dearth of self-management tools (with measurable analytics) available designed to improve your personal efficiency.

Stay up-to-date with important contacts

Through Microsoft MyAnalytics, you can pin important contacts from inside and outside your organization to your MyAnalytics dashboard to get insights into how you are collaborating. For example, you might see that you’re losing touch with a colleague even though she has a critical role in an upcoming project milestone. With this visibility, you can take action and reach out to her to make sure that you’re both up-to-date on the latest project status.

Share key metrics with others

You are also able to share your analytics with a colleague to help you stay aligned on priorities or get coaching on your work habits from a mentor. For example, you’ll be able to easily share a snapshot of your meeting habits with a peer by email to get their advice on using your time more wisely. You are in control—simply share a full snapshot or even just a specific module from your MyAnalytics dashboard with anyone you choose.

Microsoft MyAnalytics is a self-improvement tool, with measurable analytics that you can use to better improve your work habits and patterns especially in 2017. Learn more and give it a try at

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