Microsoft Developer Certifications

Get your Microsoft Developer Certification in 2017!

I know you want to!

Microsoft developer

There have been a few changes to the Microsoft Developer Certifications.  A brand new MCSA Web Apps certification and a MCSD App Builder.

Many developers cannot be out of the office for classroom training.  Some might find self-paced virtual learning more suited to their schedule and personality.  Whatever your reason, LGIT can offer most Microsoft certification courses online.  You’ll get 3 months to complete each course, at your own pace, anywhere on the planet (as long as you have a reasonable internet connection).

Lets look at the Dev Certs:

vj-icons-cloud-ch = Available as self-paced virtual courses

MCSA – Web Apps
vj-icons-cloud-ch20480 – HTML5, CSS & JavaScript 20486 – ASP.NET 4.5 MVC Web Apps
MCSD – App Builder
Pre-requisite: MCSA Web Apps + select one elective below
vj-icons-cloud-ch20532 – Develop Azure Solutions 20487 – Azure & Web Services vj-icons-cloud-ch20488 – SharePoint Developer
MCSD – Azure Solutions Architect
vj-icons-cloud-ch20532 – Develop Azure Solutions vj-icons-cloud-ch20533 – Azure Infrastructure 20534 – Azure Architecture
MCSD – SharePoint 2013 Applications
Pre-requisite: MCSA Web Apps + both below
vj-icons-cloud-ch20488 – Develop SharePoint 2013 Core 20489 – Develop SharePoint 2013 Advanced

 vj-icons-cloud-ch “Course 20483 – Programming in C#” is recommended for all Developer Certifications.

Still a Beginner?

No worries. We can help you obtain the Foundation Skills you need.

Available Foundation Courses:

There is more …

Feast your eyes on more certifications and courses:

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