SQL Server 2016 For Linux Released


The love affair between Microsoft and Linux continues. Microsoft has just released a public preview of the next version of its SQL Server database (2016), which will work on Linux and Windows. Sounds unreal? Well here are the details.

Microsoft released a private preview of SQL Server for Linux in March 2016. At that time, Microsoft officials said SQL Server for Linux was a subset of SQL Server 2016 for Windows and would work on Ubuntu or as a Docker image. (Microsoft later added support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux to the private preview.)

Microsoft officials said SQL Server Next on Linux and SQL Server Next on Windows are based on a single code base. “There are some features that have platform specific characteristics. For example, file paths in Linux are different than file paths in Windows,” said a spokesperson. But they are not two completely different products.

The public preview of SQL Server on Linux ia available on Ubuntu, Red Hat enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The public preview will be available “soon” on Azure Virtual Machines and on Docker Hub, Microsoft officials said today. Word has it that SQL Server will be generally available for both Linux and Windows by mid-2017

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