#ExcelChampSA Finalists Announced


With only 3 days to go for the announcement of the winner of the #ExcelChampSA competition, the competition is very tight with the top 4 finalists announced today, battling it out to win the much coveted crown!

The Finalists

  1. Finalist 1 – has been an Excel expert for the last 4 years & works at He’s ready to test his skills
  2. Finalist 2 –  from Technocore has been working on spreadsheets since 1986. He has his eye on the grand prize!
  3. Finalist 3 –  works at Shareforce in J’burg and competed in ModelOff, an Excel-based financial competition before.
  4. Finalist 4 –  was the first ever Excel Champ in S.A and is ready to defend his title and compete in

Get Ready

The competition is definitely on and the top finalists are keeping their eyes on the top prize. Will keep you posted on final winner announcement.

To book space on our professional training contact us on +27 11-8021636. Learn more about Excel Champ here : http://www.lgit.co.za/excelchamp.aspx

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