Tip of the week : Absolute Cell Address

Often, when you need to copy a formula down, it must reference one particular cell.  That’s when you put in the dollar sign in the formula, ie you make the cell Absolute.  This is a definite must to ensure that when copying, this cell stays constant.


If you look at the formula above, when copying the formula down, E6 must become E7, which becomes E8 etc.  That is a relative cell address.  But B3 must stay B3.   To ensure that, click in the Formula Bar next to the cell you wish to make Absolute (in this case, cell B3).  Press F4, which will add the dollar signs, making the cell Absolute.  In the above example, B3 is the cell which must stay constant.  So it should read – $B$3.  Now when you copy for the formula down, all formulas will stay constant  and ALL will multiply by B3.

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