Top 5 Project Management Features In Office365


With a plethora of Project Management tools available on the market, its often difficult to ascertain which Project Management tool is best to use. The  temptation in many cases is to look for the most complex tool available with shiny features. However sometimes, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

Office365 provides lots of productivity tools which are widely used across many industries, many of which are very effective for Project Management purposes. Here’s a closer look at five untapped resources and how they can help in executing projects easily and more efficiently in Office365:

1 & 2. Video/real-time chat—Choosing project management software with integrated communication tools enables project team members to collaborate using voice, video or chat from within the project. Having the ability to communicate in real-time with team members down the hall or across the globe using tools designed to transmit your critical conversations quickly and securely could be the key to a project’s success.

3. Social media integration—Social media has moved beyond just Facebook updates and tweeting the latest trends—to boosting the level of communication among teams and project stakeholders. Using software with enterprise social capabilities like dedicated Yammer newsfeeds in SharePoint, for example, can be useful for communicating with colleagues in real-time on project details.

4. Mobile access—Using software that’s available on Windows, iOS and Android is critical in ensuring that everyone can update tasks on their device of choice and view timelines and reports on the go. Using Office365, mobile apps help to facilitate improved time and task entry gives project managers instant visibility to make informed decisions faster.

5. Sponsor-friendly settings—Among projects labeled as “high-performing,” more than 80 percent have actively engaged sponsors. Time and time again, research has shown that having an executive sponsor supporting a project from start to finish is critical to success. With SharePoint Online’s rich Security Services model, project sponsors can be granted suitable access to Team Sites, therefore actively monitoring the progress of sponsored projects.

With more and more teams working remotely, even globally, communication skills and time management are more critical than ever. Having access to tools that let stakeholders manage on the go and share the latest updates, conversations and project timelines quickly through a dedicated project site keeps everyone connected and informed

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