Microsoft exam season is well underway. The stakes are high and the glory that awaits is equally amazing too. The exam season this year in particular has been quite devastating, with few passes recorded. Perhaps the winning formula lies in understand how the exam is prepared. Here’s is how its done!

To Microsoft Physcometrician, Liberty Munson recently penned a rare post on how Microsoft exams are written and the best strategy you can use in order to get that all important pass in your exam. All the exam preparation strategies mentioned are well presented in a video available at Microsoft Virtual Academy, called “Mastering Microsoft Certification Exam Prep“. Commenting on the video, in reference to one of the presenters in the video, Liberty Munson says “To create this course, I provided Tim with a bunch of information on how we create our exams and definitions and uses of our different item types and answered his insightful questions. He leveraged this information to create the ultimate “how to prepare” guide that is not only relevant to Microsoft’s exams but to any test-taking activity where you might find yourself”.

Liberty further goes on to explain that “As many of you know by now, completing a course, reading a book, or taking a practice test is rarely sufficient to pass our exams. If you haven’t taken an exam yet, take this seriously. You will not be adequately prepared for our exams if you rely solely on one these options.

Our exams are difficult by design. It shouldn’t be easy to pass an exam or earn a Microsoft Certification. Having one of our certifications should be a badge of honor, a distinction, an indication that you are, indeed, one of the best in your field. That’s why training, reading a book, or taking a practice test, in and of themselves, are insufficient”

Get Trained, Get Experience, Get Certified

This is the ultimate formula in passing Microsoft exams . .all the time. The exam preparation pyramid presented in the video reiterates the need for experience and adds the human element of understanding how you react when taking exams and how you can mitigate our own behaviors that undermine our own best intentions. The top keys to remember about Microsoft exam are :

  • Gain knowledge: Using MOC, MOAC, MVA, edX, MS Press, etc., gain the conceptual understanding of the skills that will be assessed on the exam as described in the objective domain.
  • Get practical experience: Using client Hyper-V and MS evaluation software, build a practice network and gain hands-on competency with the products and technologies, covered by the exam.
  • Understand how Microsoft asks exam questions (test-taking strategy): Using MeasureUp or other third party practice tests providers like Exam Collection and Pass Certification, take practice tests to gain confidence with Microsoft’s various question types, how we ask questions, and what’s expected in an answer.
  • Understand how you experience exams (human factors): Do you get stressed out when taking an exam to the point of forgetting your better self? What strategies can you employ to best manage your time and mitigate test anxiety?

Once you understand and develop an appreciation of what it takes to successfully sit for a Microsoft exam and pass, continuing to pass your next exams becomes easier. So if you are sitting for a Microsoft exam soon, well then, GOOD LUCK!!

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