Powershell Now Available On Linux and Mac OS X


Microsoft is open sourcing PowerShell and making a version of the tool available for Linux and Mac OS X.

Microsoft is making available alpha releases of PowerShell Core on Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu and CentOS) and Mac OS X on GitHub as a binary release. More platforms will be available in the future. PowerShell is a popular Microsoft command-line shell and scripting language.  PowerShell was designed to automate system tasks, such as batch processing, and create systems management tools for commonly implemented processes.

Because PowerShell is .NET-based, Microsoft needed .NET on other platforms in order to bring PowerShell to other platforms, said Microsoft Technical Fellow and father of PowerShell Jeffrey Snover. Once Microsoft got .NET Core to work on Linux and Mac OSX — through .NET Core 1.0 — the company refactored PowerShell to work on top of it. The PowerShell Core version also is the one that Microsoft will be shipping with Nano Server for Windows Server 2016

If you are new to PowerShell, a great way to start learning is with our Learning PowerShell repository on GitHub. Alternatively contact us today at info@lgitsmart.co.za to book for a full hands-on  training on Powershell.

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