SharePoint Reaches 200 million users


In usage stats released by Microsoft recently, SharePoint, Microsoft’s premium team collaboration platform has passed the 190 million paid users mark. With an ecosystem supporting over 200,000 organizations worldwide, supported by over 50,000 partners, the usage of SharePoint globally is only expected to grow.

Microsoft SharePoint, is a technology which until about 5 years ago, was an elusive technology mainly enjoyed by large organizations, due to its complex deployment model and hefty licence fees. The introduction of SharePoint 2013 coupled by the hugely popular, cloud based SharePoint Online has dramatically spiked its usage globally. The cloud-first, mobile-first vision championed by Microsoft boss, Satya Nadella has really paid off.

The SharePoint ecosystem is now supported by over 1 million developers worldwide, who focus on developing custom themes and apps for the SharePoint platform. The solutions economy driven by developers and Microsoft partners is worth over U$10 billion annually. These stats show how SharePoint is a commercially viable platform as a revenue stream.

In a recent 10 best Intranets of 2016 Awards run by American research firm, Neilsen Norman Group, 9 of the 10 best intranets of 2016, are powered by SharePoint. These are definitely exciting times for SharePoint globally, as many organizations are reaping in the benefits of moving all their collaboration work and document management to a solid platform like SharePoint. View the full SharePoint Ecosystem below:



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