Study : SharePoint Usage Linked To Training


SharePoint is widely deployed among organizations. But getting employees and specific groups to use it as their enterprise content and document management system remains a challenge, according to AIIM’s Impact of SharePoint 2016 report

AIIM, a U.S based large nonprofit and influential trade association covering the enterprise and information technology markets, released the findings of its latest SharePoint report last month. Based on a survey of 274 AIIM members in June, the report found that SharePoint use has increased incrementally, but more than half (58 percent) said SharePoint remains a challenge. The key problem is that 43 percent said employees or groups have their own preferred file-sharing applications for everyday usage, according to the report.

Nearly one quarter (23 percent) said they are planning hybrid environments, with plans to host a majority of their content in Office 365 SharePoint Online and some portion of data deemed sensitive remaining on premises. According to the survey, 17 percent of respondents are planning to move everything into the online version.

Since SharePoint’s early release, many organizations have struggled to get broad groups of employees to use SharePoint. A substantial percentage (40 percent) said their SharePoint implementations aren’t successful, with two-thirds (67 percent) having blamed that on inadequate user training, 66 percent said it’s too difficult to use and 64 percent report that lack of support from senior management is the reason that their deployments have failed.

Despite those challenges, there is some good news, with 58 percent saying that revitalizing their SharePoint projects through user training is a priority and 50 percent said they plan to update their SharePoint government policies. More than one-third (35 percent) say they plan to focus on making SharePoint their primary Enterprise Content Management system.

The main discovery from the study is that successful SharePoint deployments within organizations is strongly linked to provision of adequate user training. SharePoint is more than a Document Management System, therefore users need to learn how they can harness and leverage the power of SharePoint, and see beyond its perceived complexity


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