The Next Generation Classroom: Virtual/Hybrid Instructor-Led Training


With the influx of various forms of technology into the workspace, workers all around the world are under pressure to learn new technologies while keeping track of ever increasing workloads. A wider range of ways to deliver training in a highly pressurized work place has resulted in VILT fast becoming a clear winnerWhile in many quarters, “hybrid” and “blended” are words used interchangeably when describing hybrid ILT (instructor-led training), a few definitions can help us:

  • Traditional ILT refers to training that is facilitated by an instructor in a classroom setting. ILT allows for learners or facilitators to interact and discuss the training material face-to-face, either individually or in a group setting
  • Virtual ILT (“virtual instructor-led training”) refers to training that is delivered in a virtual or simulated environment, or when the instructor and each learner are in separate locations. Virtual instruction environments are designed to simulate the traditional classroom or learning experience.
  • Hybrid ILT integrates both a traditional classroom setting and a virtual environment simultaneously, typically with a focus on the use of synchronous technology to deliver a consistent learning experience across both audiences. There can be a variety of instructor-learning arrangements with hybrid learning, each dependent upon learners and instructors involved.

Most blended learning environments represent a mixture of a traditional classroom with an e-learning environment. E-learning involves the use of technology to deliver or access training or education-oriented content and courseware. Hybrid ILT provides the best of both worlds, where instructors/learners (either all learners or a portion thereof) can capitalize on co-location for a training when feasible without excluding an instructor or learners who are attending the training remotely.

At LGIT Smart Solutions, 2015 Microsoft Learning Partner of the year, we are the leading training provider in providing mature VILT courses in addition to the traditional ILT that we have been offering, for over the past 10 years. Should you have unique training requirements customized to meet the needs of your dynamic team, contact us today.

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