Use SharePoint For Social Learning


Savvy Learning and Development managers should look no further than their current SharePoint deployment to spice up their in-house training programs.

SharePoint is a leading cloud-based collaboration tool, now used by over 200,000 organizations worldwide. While accessing and using SharePoint has now dramatically become easier., many people and organizations still need to take advantage of the power of the cloud

One in two companies already use SharePoint, so it is absolutely not necessary to purchase yet another system for social capabilities.

SharePoint provides a formidable enterprise collaboration platform that covers many important business needs in a powerful integrated solution.

Since SharePoint is already synced with active directory, each employee has full access to their own personal sites, as well as a host of other social tools, some of which include :

My Site
SharePoint allows you to create a personal page that displays work examples and a place to promote expertise. Users can utilize the search feature to find coworkers that can help them with a work-related issue.

Team Site
This feature is the ultimate collaboration tool for coworkers that need to work together on a project. Team sites include document libraries, calendar, task list, and discussion board.
Community Site.


The purpose of this page type goes with the name which is to quickly access and create information. Wiki pages are very customizable and flexible which explains their popularity.

All by itself, SharePoint offers the technology that companies are now asking for and needing in a learning system – social/collaboration, content management, mobile, analytics, and integration. Take advantage of the power of SharePoint today. Not sure how SharePoint works? Contact us today to arrange for you, the most suitable training service

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