Microsoft Bookings Comes To Office 365


Microsoft has announced it’s latest addition to the Office 365 suite of apps. The new app is called Bookings, will allow customers to schedule appointments with a business using online software.

The service will provide email confirmations, rescheduling and cancellation options, and the ability for a company to reassign appointments to other staff members and add customers to centralized customer lists. Customers don’t need to be Office 365 subscribers to book an appointment through Bookings.

Online booking is something that’s common today across a number of industries, whether that’s booking a table at a restaurant, a doctor’s visit, or even an appointment with your local beauty salon, among other things. With Microsoft’s Bookings, however, the goal is to offer businesses a solution that works in conjunction with the Office 365 platform.

Using the software, all customer bookings are visible in a centralized booking calendar, giving you a complete view of upcoming appointments. You can reschedule, cancel or re-assign an existing booking to another available staff member. You can also quickly create a new booking if you’re talking with a customer in-person or on the phone and use the day “split view” to quickly see which staff is available at a given time.

Microsoft officials said the service would only be available to Office 365 Business Premium users. A special feature called “split view” will show which staff are booked at which times by letting you view their schedules side-by-side.These appointments are also synced over to staff calendars, including those in Outlook in Office 365, or even Google Calendar

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