Game-changing Skype For Business SDK Released


It’s becoming very clear that in 2016 and beyond organizations in every industry will need to design and implement very solid social media strategies to connect with their customers through mobile driven social media platforms. The release of the Skype For Business SDK is yet another step in that direction.

Microsoft is further opening up premium unified communication platform, Skype to businesses. This week, the company launched its Skype for Business SDK – tools which allow iOS and Android developers to integrate Skype’s messaging, audio and voice capabilities into their own mobile applications. The idea is to allow Skype to power the communications experience inside applications, so developers can focus on building their product’s unique features.

The initial focus of the SDK Preview is to power “remote advisor” solutions that enable consumer mobile and tablet applications to communicate with Skype for Business organizations. That means things like meetings between a mobile device user and someone in a remote location — like a doctor or a financial advisor, perhaps. The idea here is that you would launch the business’s app to make that connection, but Skype would power the communications that took place between the two parties.

Businesses can leverage the power of their existing Skype for Business Server and Skype for Business Online infrastructure—including the familiar native clients they use today—to reach customers never before possible.With the Skype Web SDK, which is now also available, Microsoft is providing businesses with a set of JavaScript Web APIs and HTML controls that allow developers to build real-time collaboration into their own apps. This includes things like presence, chat, audio and video, for example. The SDK can work within any client application running in a browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Skype For Business is really positioned to becoming a leading unified communications platform for many business – to – customer enterprises, and as well as business – to – business scenarios.. If you are not yet on Skype To Business, as organization. The time is now, to experience it and give your business communications a boost. Do you need training on how make the most of your Skype For Business investment? Contact us.



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