Microsoft SQL Server Available on 1 June 2016


Microsoft SQL Server 2016, the latest version of Micrsoft’s flagship database technology will be generally available worldwide on 1 June 2016. That June 1 date is when the product will be available to all users, including brand new ones, MSDN subscribers, and existing customers, officials said. The details are as follows:

Microsoft is fielding four versions of SQL Server 2016: Enterprise, Standard, Express and Developer. Earlier this year, officials said the Developer Edition — which includes the full feature set of the Enterprise Edition — would be freely available for development and test use only, not in production settings.

This latest version of SQL Server comes with the latest cutting-edge data management and security technologies like : Stretch Database, R integration, row-level security and encryption and a host of other new features (see table below) :


Microsoft is pitching SQL Server 2016 as the version of its database that has “everything built in.”. The 1st of June 2016 is just around the corner, make a date for SQL Server 2016

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