Free ebook: Planning and Preparing for Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid


I recently introduced a Visio class of mine to Office365. The 5 minute verbal intro to Office365 blew them away so much that one student asked if it was possible to create a worfklow in Office 365, of which I referred him to Sharepoint. Now with Sharepoint hybrid things have just got a lot easier for Office 365 users.

SharePoint hybrid is about connecting SharePoint on-premises to Office 365 and Azure to extend capabilities, enhance collaboration, and drive innovation forward.

This book is part of a series to provide readers from all over the world with a guide on how to connect SharePoint on-premises to Microsoft’s cloud services. You will gain insight into planning, architecture, configuration, and management of SharePoint hybrid. This book covers foundational topics with which you will learn more about Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, architecture planning, platform hygiene and preparation, directory synchronization, and how to configure a seamless single sign-on experience for users.

Download standard PDF - 5.06 MB

Download mobile PDF - 4.59 MB

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