3 Tips For Successful Social Selling


In a world whose tempo is driven by social media, the question of many business leaders and decision-makers in many organizations is how to successfully sell their products online via social media. If not done right, social media can be a big black financial hole that can gobble huge advertising budgets and yet offer little return. Here are 3 tips to help you successfully sell online.

1) Establish your online brand

Before you dive into social selling, you need to have a solid, cohesive online presence. Be sure your online customer touchpoints are consistent with your brand and the prospects you’re looking to attract: update your most important social media profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter so that all the headlines, summaries, recommendations, badges, etc. match your brand and speak to your target audience.

2) Maintain an active presence

As a savvy salesperson you  can find prospects by using social listening to identify how key words or phrases relevant to your business and offerings are being used by your potential customers on social media.  Join groups on LinkedIn or follow search terms on Twitter to figure out where prospects are and what they’re talking about. Then you can narrow in on the prospects in your target audience and reach out to individuals directly.

3) Gain customer insight, build relationships, stay connected.

By listening and engaging in conversations on social media, as a sales person, you can get in-depth insights into the challenges potential customers are facing. Pair that understanding with your organization’s expertise in the technological solutions customers need, and your sales teams have a truly effective way of getting prospects’ attention and providing value.

*This post first appeared on the Microsoft Partner Network blog

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