Have you ever wondered how far your job will take you? Or how high in the corporate ladder you need to climb to achieve your dreams? Well, it turns out that in any economy industries are not the same, some offer a greater chance of success than others. So it’s important to have a career plan that you can passionately contribute to and also in turn gives you a greater chance to make a success of yourself. So in 2016 which industries are paying really well? Here goes.

CareerJunction’s 2016 Salary Review has been published, and it offers very interesting results, in terms of salary structures across a wide variety of industries in the South African economy. This review or survey is based on an average of 30,000 job adverts listed on monthly and compares the average cost to companies of listed jobs across the industries in question.


In 2016 ICT, the newest and youngest industry compared to centuries old industries like Mining, is offering the best pay prospects and opportunities to young professionals. As has been reported by many industry watchers that the mining industry is in decline, very soon, ICT will be the best paying industry in South Africa in a not so distant future. Other industries to note are, Finance, Stock Broking & Asset Management which are also fast growing industries. Many young South African, often touted in some circles as “Black Diamonds” are creating new wealth in the services industry, which creates more demand for wealth & asset management.



For senior and experienced professionals, looking at 10 years working experience and above, the story is quite different. Treasury Management, which includes disciplines like Stock Broking and Asset Management offers far greater salaries, mainly driven by the Building, Construction and Engineering industries. South Africa, a young 22 year old democracy is still building new cities and has many construction projects in the pipeline, therefore these industries are cash flush.



In 2016, South Africa offers great career prospects for young and up-coming professionals. With greatly reduced barriers to entry in many industries especially in ICT, you can start your career in one industry like ICT and end up in for example Treasury Management. There are no limits to how much experience and skills you can attain across a wide sector of the South African economy. The only requirement needed for the driven professional, is the willingness to learn, and take on new challenges.

Should you require free expert advice and training recommendations of how you can map out a solid career in ICT, contact LGIT Smart Solutions today and speak to one of our consultants.

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