How To Become A Microsoft .NET Developer


In 2016 and beyond the rules to becoming a qualified Microsoft .NET Developer are pretty different to what they were 10 years ago when I became a qualified .NET Developer. The changes in the Software Development industry tends to be just as disruptive as the the new software products that are disrupting industries today. For the person who is starting out on their career to become a professional .NET Software Developer, this is what you need to know.

The Foundation

Programming or Software Development in the .NET world is highly dependent on one fully understanding the .NET Framework as all the code you will ever write throughout your career as a .NET Developer cannot work outside of the work of the .NET Framework. So to fully understand and appreciate the work of the .NET Framework in converting your written code into executable machine code, you need to learn C# and learn it well. Back in the 90s the programming language C# was pretty much at par with Visual Basic (a.k.a VB.NET) however Microsoft has now elevated C# and intends to drive C# into the future and at some point drop VB along the way. So the training you need (and pass the associated exam) is:

When you have set a solid C# foundation (and hopefully passed the exam), you are now ready to go to the next level and build ASP.NET Web Applications. The coding practices and design patterns you will learn in the C# course will serve you well, when you build specialist web apps and mobile app driven by the .NET Framework.

It’s All About The Web

As an aspiring and  upcoming Software Developer, your chances of success in creating a solid career as in your chosen path to becoming  a  .NET Software Develop is to learn how to build ASP.NET Web Applications. Most industries in South Africa and around the world, are ditching desktop applications, mostly written in the 90s and catching with competitors in their industries that are the reaping the benefits of quickly migrating to web applications. In order for you to achieve this, you need to undergo the following Microsoft training (and write the associated exams) :

When you undergo this official Microsoft training, you will learn about the full development stack that you need to build web applications from the front-end using HTML5, Javascript and CSS all the way to the back-end driven by an ASP.NET MVC engine that allows you to beautifully separate out all the layers required to enable your web application to be fully and easily testable, scalable and maintainable.


Becoming a qualified and professional .NET Developer is not a haphazard affair. It is a well structured and a disciplined exercise that only requires your commitment and many hours of passionate coding. When you put in the hours and the commitment, the results will speak for themselves. The starting point however is to get the right training and mentorship from Microsoft Certified Developers who have already gone down the same road before you. At LGIT Smart Solutions, 2015 Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year , you can get such a great learning experience by certified Developers who are currently training a new generation of Developers.

Start your journey today.

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