Data Science : South Africa Leads The Way


The 2015 O’rielly Data Science survey is out and it contains some interesting findings. The survey explores patterns in tools, tasks and compensation patterns for recognized Data Scientists around the world. Over 600 respondents from a variety of industries completed the survey, two-thirds of whom are based in the United States.  1% of the respondents came from Africa, and all the African respondents came from South Africa!

Key Finds Of The Survey

  • The most popular data science tools —SQL, Excel, R, and Python—remain at the top for the third year in a row.
  • Spark (and Scala) use has grown tremendously from last year, and their users tend to earn more
  • Using 2014 survey data for comparison, R is now used by more data professionals who otherwise tend to use commercial tools.
  • Salaries in the software industry are highest
  • Even when all other variables are held equal, women are paid thousands less than their male counterparts
  • Cloud computing (still) pays
  • About 40% of variation in respondents’ salaries can be attributed to other pieces of data they provided

Top Technical Skills Review

The survey also brought to the fore, interesting results about the top software tools that Data Scientists around the world use for their work. It must be noted that thee are over 30 tools or software applications used around the world in the field of data science and these tools vary in terms of ease of use and efficiency. The top tool in use remains SQL Server, followed by Excel, Python and R.


Get Training Today

To be come a qualified Data Scientist, you need to acquire the right training and seen from the survey, the leading data science platform is SQL Server. The following SQL Server certifications and training is available at LGIT Smart Solutions:

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