How to Learn Quicker Using Visual Thinking

Tackle Complex Concepts Quicker


Visual thinking is the learning approach that links complex ideas or concepts to visual elements, such as images, word maps or infographics. Visual thinking is the one of the quickest ways to memorize and retain important information in long term memory without needing to remember everything

In a knowledge driven economy where continuous learning is perhaps the only way to stay ahead in the workplace, the biggest challenge of most working professional who go on skills enhancement training, is to retain pertinent information from the course that they then can later apply in  their line of work.

Visual thinking quite simply put is ‘Learning through pictures’! The mind has an significantly greater capacity to remember pictures and visuals, as opposed to abstract words and concepts. Therefore harnessing the power of visual thinking especially in an eLearning environment is a sure way of retaining as much information as possible from the course.

Top 3 Visual Thinking Benefits

  1. Visual thinking can help to simplify more complicated or involved processes and ideas. Rather than trying to explain or under the relationship between two concepts from a piece of text, for example, a chart that compares and contrasts the two is far easier to comprehend.
  2. Encourages one to organize key ideas. Visual thinking in givers a learner the ability to organize their thoughts and ideas, without having to store every bit of knowledge within their minds. In a “google-dependent” internet age, the greatest benefit in learning may not be in knowing everything to the tee, but knowing enough high level “pointers” that can help you to look up the details of the how-to on demand.
  3. When information is presented in visual form, learners are much more likely to absorb and retain it for real world use. This is primarily due to the fact that their brains are able to see the connection between new concepts and previously learned knowledge through the use of visuals.

What Can I do?

When you are considering signing up for a course, whether instructor-led or virtual, the trainer’s ability to promote visual learning through the use of visual thinking aids, significantly enhances the learning process.

As a 2015 Microsoft Learning Partner Of The Year, at LGIT Smart Solutions, we take seriously the concept of visual learning and thinking in the delivery of our courses. This is one of many ways we deliver excellent training solutions to our clients. Book your next training course with us today.

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