Top Microsoft Certifications For Office Administrators In 2016

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Office administrators oversee administrative support staff, delegate assignments and ensure the work of the office progresses on schedule and within budget. With changing technologies and increasing business pressures, its important for Office Admins to leverage the power of technology to get more work done

Office Administration is a critical field in any organization and covers a wide variety of professions starting from Office / Administrative Manager, HR Administrator all the way to Office Manager or Financial Manager. The common denominator in all these professions is the need to work with vast amounts of data and documents which are crucial to business operations.


Office Administration Career Paths, courteousy of PayScale :

With the increasing popularity of cloud storage of data and collaboration in document manage, such professionals need to refresh their skills in order to stay ahead of the pack. The last Microsoft Certifications that can take you there are as follows :

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification validates mastery of Microsoft Office skills that are valuable demonstrating productivity in a wide range of jobs and other life pursuits. The MOS Certification tests your mastery of Microsoft Office products. The certification has 2 levels, which are MOS Expert and MOS Master. To become MOS Expert certified in Office 2010 you need to pass 1 of 2 Microsoft Word exams. You will have to pass a few more exams to become MOS Master Certified.

Office 365 Certification (MCSA – Microsoft Solutions Associate)


With Microsoft Office fast becoming a cloud based solution, there is now a need for companies and organizations adopting Office365 as their primary Microsoft Office solution to have dedicated persons who have the skills to provision and manage access to Office365 services across the enterprise. In order to acquire such skills Microsoft a specific Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certification in Office 365 with the following 2 exams :

  1. Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements
  2. Enabling Office 365 Services

Arming yourself with such a certfication, which make you indispensable in the workplace, as you manage the provisioning of access control to Microsoft Office products in the enterprise. This certification will give you the skills in administering cloud-hosted business applications with Office 365.

Get Certified Today

Microsoft Office is a critical tool in Office Administration and with Microsoft Office fast becoming a cloud based service as opposed to a stand-alone application, its important that you get to grips with the change and get certified, to refresh your skills. At LGIT Smart Solutions, 2015 Microsoft Learning Partner Of The Year, we can help you today to get certified in Microsoft through our cutting edge training solutions. Get in touch with us today!

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