Is I.T Certification Worth It?

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With technical expertise in high demand today, you might be wondering what the best options are for technical certification, or whether earning one will boost your career. A recent research has some answers for you.

Certified candidates are more attractive to employers.

A University degree, helps to get your foot into the door of the workplace, but certifications keep you ahead of the pack. Certifications can enhance your marketability and act as a key differentiator for candidates seeking roles on technology teams. Not only does having a certification demonstrate tangible proof of your competence with particular technologies, but discerning employers also recognize that certified employees bring more value to their organizations and to their customers. A recent IDC study* revealed that:

  • Certified new hires reach full productivity one month sooner than non-certified new hires, and usually stay longer with the organization
  • Certified server, database, and application development teams are 17% more efficient than non-certified teams
  • Certified employees develop nearly twice as many applications in less time than non-certified developers, with higher on-time and on-budget delivery rates
  • Certified IT staff improve system availability and resiliency, which improves customer satisfaction

Certified employees enjoy better earnings, more responsibilities, and greater advancement opportunities.

Certification pays off, and not just monetarily. IDC interviewed organizations about how certification can benefit employees financially and with career advancement. Here’s what they found:

  • Certified employees earn 15% more on average than staff without certification
  • Certification is one of the most important characteristics when organizations select a candidate for a more advanced position
  • Certified IT staff members are given more responsibility than noncertified staff members, frequently leading to supervisory and management roles
  • Certification simplifies screening job candidates, making certified job-seekers more likely to be hired

Get Certified Today

Are you looking for that promotion in the middle of stiff competition within your team? Consider getting certified in key technologies that you see a gap or an opportunity in your environment. Should you consider getting Microsoft Certified, we offer a range of Microsoft certifications, you can contact us today.


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