IT Jobs With Highest Earning Potential

Choose Your Career Path Strategically


I keep hearing the same question from my students, especially the interns, that “Which IT job do you think will help me to earn a good salary?”. Most of those questions interestingly come from my students who are Helpdesk personnel trying to make a transition into another more satisfying career path. So what are the options then?

Mybroadband recently published an excellent article showing the entry level salaries of the most common IT professions in South Africa and earning potential at mid-level and senior levels of the professions. In most cases, the starting salary of a job position is usually the biggest attraction when choosing a career path, however its equally important to think about the long term prospects of that career path as daily technological advances are destroying many industries (one job at a time) and also building new ones. The salary data is as follows :

The table below ranks IT professions based on the salary increases between entry-level, mid-level, and senior-level employees.

IT salary increases
Profession Starting salary Mid-level salary Senior salary Average salary increase*
Sales and marketing R8,465 R28,433 R45,283 148%
Database design and administration R11,755 R34,101 R62,905 137%
Programming and software development R13,318 R37,997 R60,185 122%
Security R11,887 R28,336 R49,304 106%
Design R11,683 R30,417 R45,712 105%
Web design R9,060 R17,907 R37,398 103%
Tech support R9,420 R20,016 R30,677 83%
System administration R13,735 R26,523 R45,392 82%
Education and training R14,012 R31,253 R42,909 80%
Network administrator R11,914 R24,543 R37,427 79%
Project management R22,400 R39,448 R66,000 72%
Analyst and consultant R21,922 R40,194 R59,461 66%
Communications, writer, and media R14,459 R27,792 R37,377 63%

From the table above, it’s quite interesting to see that even though software developers tend to earn a higher starting, the salary increase of such a position over time is reasonably lower than that of Sales and Marketing professionals, as well as Database Administrators.

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