Microsoft Launches New App : Invite

Having Trouble Scheduling Meetings? Try Invite


Microsoft Garage, a Microsoft Wing that works on new ideas and the developers of the viral Snip Tool, have launched a new app called Invite.

Invite, the company explains, is an easier way to organise meetings on the go across organisations. The app is a standalone app but it works best with an Office 365 business and school subscriptions, but also works with, Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

Inviteā€™s advantage lies in its simple functionality. The way it works is that users can invite attendees of people in their email address book with suggested times. Those users can then select the times that suits them best and will be able to see what other attendees have chosen as times that suits them best.

The person who sent the invite can, after everyone has indicated their preferred time, pick the time that works best for everyone and tap send calendar invites on the app.

The app is expected to gain traction once it’s available on all leading mobile platforms, especially Android.


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