6 Tips For Better Corporate ONLINE TRAINING

Motivate, Motivate, Motivate

Mature business man discussing project with his colleagues and pointing at computer screen
Online Training or eLearning is the newest form of self-paced learning in the digital age. Online Training is becoming an important further education and training medium in the workplace, especially for busy employees and professionals. How then does an organization encourage its employees to embrace online training as opposed to loathing it?

1) Always emphasize the  on-the-job benefits for participating in the online training session.

Employees simply aren’t going to be motivated to learn if they aren’t aware of the real world value and benefits of the subject matter. Therefore, it’s important to always highlight what they will receive from the online training session, as well as how the information can be applied when they complete it. Managers likewise need to be thoroughly knowledgeable about what online training courses are most suitable for their workforce. Managers are the key persons that can transform the prevalent culture in many organizations of viewing training in general as merely an activity linked to performance assessments and possible salary increases.

2) Offer them a way to assess how much they have learned.

There are a number of assessment tools that you may want to consider when trying to motivate employees. Assessment tools provided in the online training course are a good starting point. Further tests or assessment checks need to be devised to check the level of skills that the employees have acquired from the online training program. While tests may not seem like a big motivator, they can actually give employees the opportunity to track their progress and get excited about the fact that they are acquiring new skills and information that can help them professionally, or even personally.

3) Encourage an online training culture within your company.

Online training should be more than a mandatory activity. In fact, it should be part of the culture of your company.  While mandatory online training can be boring and frustrating for employees, if you make it your mission to embrace online training and to encourage your employees to get on board, then you can put a positive spin on the overall online training experience and motivate them.

4) Give them a variety of interactive opportunities.

While some learners may prefer to acquire knowledge through observation and study, others prefer to be taught through videos and interactive scenarios. As such, it’s important to include a wide range of interactive training opportunities, like podcasts, eLearning games, scenarios, and simulations. Encourage them also to share with their peers the best or most exciting eLearning material that they encounter, as this generates interest and shared learning among the team.

5) Set up a reward or incentive program.

One of the most powerful ways to motivate employees in online training is to offer them rewards. If they are performing well and passing all of their assessments with flying colors, offer them some form of praise or create an incentive system that allows them to earn credits or points for their hard work. While learning skills and acquiring new knowledge should be its own reward, there are times when employees need that extra boost to complete online training modules or attend online training events.

Gamification, is a rewards based concept that is now part of many online courses that rewards learners for each step taken to successfully complete a module or important step in the online training course. Such rewards are usually in the form of points or badges that are awarded to the learner. These rewards can be used further back at the workplace to recognize employees that performed exceptionally well in their online training course and encourage the rest of the team members to achieve the same level of ccompetency

6) Develop social learning activities centered around group collaboration.

Employees, regardless of age, profession, or background, like to collaborate with each other. We all gravitate toward social experiences. As such, including plenty of social learning activities and group collaboration projects can help to boost the motivation of any employee. Ask them, for example, to work together to develop a presentation that highlights the subject matter, or encourage them to interview industry professionals in order to explore different aspects of the topic.

If you’re looking for ways to engage your employees and achieve the maximum job performance boost out of your online training, then it’s all about motivation. Each of these tips to motivate your employees can help you to get them excited and inspired, so that they can become active participants in the online training process.

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