Free ebook : Azure Machine Learning

Learn how to unleash the power of predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is not a new field, however until now has been the preserve of very large companies and organizations that can afford the big budgets associated with predictive analytics. The Azure Machine Learning Service is a powerful cloud-based predictive analytics service that makes it possible to quickly create analytics solutions.  It is a fully managed service – which means you do not need to buy any hardware nor manage VMs manually.

Through the Azure Machine Learning Service, predictive analytics is now affordable to everyone, who would like to look into a “crystal ball” and see what the future holds for their business or project. If applied in the retail industry, predictive analysis, for example by looking at a customer’s historical purchase patterns, companies can make reasonable predictions about the kinds of promotional offers and coupons that are likely to resonate with that customer.

Microsoft Press has released an e-book, which is part of its Microsoft Azure Essentials series that can help you to learn how you can harness power of predictive analytics and apply it to your organization. Download details are as follows:


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