#Mobilegeddon : Is Your Website Ready?


It’s pretty common knowledge now that mobile technology has exploded significantly around the world. With mobile penetration expected to surpass 80% in most developed and developing countries. Therefore it’s now  important for websites to become mobile friendly or else . . . . !!!

Google announced that from the 21st of April 2015, they would kick in a tweak to their main search engine algorithm which will rank higher websites that are mobile friendly. This is big deal for everyone with a website on the web. This development means that your website, no matter how big or small, if it’s stuck in the Stone Age, then it will be buried in Google’s search results.

This development is not only important for web masters managing websites around the world, it’s also a great development meant to encourage great mobile user experience for millions of users around the world. If your site isn’t compatible with a phone, 57 percent of people won’t recommend your business, and 40 percent of people will turn to a competitor. You can’t get away with neglecting mobile users to focus on other avenues of contact. Word spreads quickly, and a jumbled interface or sluggish load time can make or break a sale the moment someone pulls up your website.

There are many strategies one can employ that help you to make your website mobile friendly. These strategies range from a full re-write or re-design of your website to simply tweaking your existing design, starting with these 10 tricks. The bottom line is, if your website is going to stand around in this Mobile Age, it has to be mobile friendly.

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